[Dine-Out] Seattle: Skillet Diner
September 27, 2012

We were actually looking for the Skillet food truck…but I guess my research skills are only subpar sinnnce we arrived at the brick-and-mortar diner. But it satisfied my need to have the oh-so famous bacon jam.


The diner was beautifully decorated. Airy and lots of natural light. Mason jars for water glass and kitchen towels for napkin. Lovely.

Interesting painting…

I got “the ultimate grilled cheese”:

With a side of the seasonal soup (can’t remember what it was though)

The grilled cheese  consisted of brie, cheddar, and american cheese sandwiched between two thick slabs of brioche. Grilled to perfection, look at the golden colour on that baby.

Look at it.

On a side note – if I could make all sandwiches on brioche I would. Love that stuff. And of course, I got the added bacon jam for two dollas.

The bf got the burger:

Of course, being Canadians, we had to sub the fries for some poutine (3 dollas)

Man, good thing I got the side of soup instead of fries. We could not even finish this behemoth portion of poutine. While the poutine was delicious in all its gravy, poutine-y goodness, we definitely felt like we had a brick in our stomachs after this. Sub the poutine with caution and make sure you have a good buddy to help you attack it.

Anyways, the burger. All of Skillet’s beef is locally raised at Painted Hills. The bf gave me a bite, it was delicious. I just tried the beef though, me and blue cheese  = no bueno. Bf loved it, the combination of bacon jam, arugula, cambozola, and beef was perfection.

1400 East Union Street
Seattle, Washington 98122
(206) 512-2000

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