[Dine-Out] Calgary: Q Haute {Big Taste 2013}

Q Haute is probably my favourite restaurant in Calgary. It was a great view, classy atmosphere, and, most of all, great food. I love that the food changes and it’s not the same menu all the time. Definitely gives you an excuse to keep going back and not feel too too guilty about it.

Going there during Big Taste is definitely a fantastic deal. If you’ve never been and don’t want to drop too much dough on your first experience, this is definitely a good way to dip your toes in. For $35 you can an amazing 3-course dinner that will leave you feeling you got an awesome deal.

Even with the Big Taste menu, we were treated with an amuse-bouche of mash potato puff and some sort of madeleine cheesy cakes. Served with a side of garlic aioli.


Kick start the meal with some potato-y goodness~

The puffs were lukewarm so they were only so-s0. Would’ve been much better if they were pipping hot. But I guess they probably made a bunch ahead of time. The garlic aioli definitely made up for it though. Love garlic-y stuff.

The starter was a chicken en croute – a chicken pistachio terrine with pickled cucumber purée with pickled garnishes. The dark red blobs are vin cotto, a cooked wine sauce.


Gorgeous looking plate

The pasta course was a wild mushroom barley risotto with truffle essence. On top was a parmigiano crisp. The risotto had a lovely texture, and the parmigiano crisp added a perfect amount of salt.



I got the beef tenderloin with roasted shallots and madeira jus. This main had a side of sweet potato mash, glazed carrots, and garlic wilted spinach. I loved that there was plenty of side veg.


Cooked perfectly~

The bf got the lamb loin roasted with herb crust served with au jus.  Same veg sides.



Didn’t taste this. Looked beautifully cooked as well though.

The dessert was an extra $10 on top of the Big Taste price, but totally worth it. The menu dessert was a pear parfait coated in chocolate with coconut nitro. But I am not a big fan of chocolate, so they swapped it with some sort of panna cotta. Love. Actually, it was still pear flavoured. So it might’ve still been the pear parfait, just not dipped in chocolate. Not quite sure.

This was the plate that they bring to the table:



Pre coconut nitro


Some table-side nitrogen action

Instant Nitrogen cream! The cream is squeezed into the ladle and dipped into the liquid nitrogen, creating an instantaneous frozen scoop of deliciousness!


Looks exactly like an ice-cream scoop~

The “ice cream” is very light and airy, not heavy like normal ice cream. Loved it.


Cracked open with a spoon…

This obviously isn’t the most advanced molecular gastronomy, but still pretty cool for Calgary, haha.

To end the meal, a couple petit fours. On the bottom is maple syrup hazel nut macarons, and top, orange truffles rolled in coconut.



Delicious end to a great meal.

100 La Caille Place Southwest
Calgary, AB T2P 5E2
(403) 262-5554


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