[Quick Bite] Calgary: Milestones Grill + Bar

Every time. I get sucked in to the stupid hype. And end up wasting money, time, and meals at crappy, mediocre restaurants like Milestones

Every frigging time.

Because of Top Chef Canada, I decided I really wanted to go try the Top Chef desserts at Milestones. The apple bacon tart with walnut crust and blue cheese cream sounded so delicious. Should have known better than to think that a chain restaurant like Milestones could even remotely come close to replicating anything that those chefs can do on the show.

Le sigh.

At least I had an alcoholic beverage to ease the pain.


Lavender Rain

I wanted to try its Lavender Rain because I love mint, and it has mint in it. I am easily persuaded. The drink consists of Tanqueray Gin, Blue Curaçao, lavender syrup, fresh lime juice, POM juice, and mint.

It was okay…mostly just tasted of lavender, very florally.

In addition to the Top Chef dessert, we also ordered its Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp. Meh, mediocrity.

Vanilla gelato, caramel, and walnut crumble served atop of slivered apples stewed in brown sugar, ginger, and spices. Expensive. Not spectacular. Grocery store bought pie would have satisfied in the same way that this did.


The mint leave is a nice touch though

Annnd the reason we were here…Trevor’s apple bacon tart:



Oh. My. God. Was this ever bad. The tart was obviously pre-made and shipped in (no surprise there) BUT was Milestones so lazy that it couldn’t be bothered to even heat the damn tart up? Yes, yes it is. Straight from whatever box it was shipped in onto the plate. Couldn’t even bother to stick it in the microwave like it does with everything else. Soggy dried apple rings, cold tart filling with greasy, slick wee little pieces of bacon.


Like, at all.

I will try so hard to not get suckered into the stupid Milestones/Top Chef collaboration next year. Someone remind me to never step foot in a Milestones ever again. Please.

107 8 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB T2G 0K7
(403) 410-9521

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