[Dine-Out] Calgary: Black Betty Burger & Winebar

The bf and I made a trip down to Black Betty to try out its grilled cheeses. We really didn’t plan on having alcoholic drinks that night, but BACON & SMOKED SALMON CAESARS? Ok, definitely have to give them a try.

The drinks were $8 each. Which, is…reasonable…

You know you live in Calgary when $8 is considered reasonable for a drink.

I got the “Bakon Caesar” which came with stripes of bacon actually in the drink. Fantastic. The bf got the Smoked Salmon one, no bacon so obviously, not as awesome. But still good.


I ❤ Caesars

The bf got “The Betty”. He was intrigued by the house blend brisket patty. It was so-so. Nothing spectacular, but for $15, can’t complain too much. The burger came with mozzarella, maple peppered bacon, frizzled onion, vine-ripened tomato, butter leaf lettuce, and honey truffle Dijon.


Not too shabby


Fries were yucky though – too limp and soggy.

I got the “New Classic”, which is a brie, poached apple, maple pepper bacon, and applewood cheddar grilled cheese. Quite yummy. I love the combination of brie and apple. Plus the addition of bacon = bliss.

I got a side of the feature soup, which was a Thai soup of some sort. There was actually a couple shrimps in it, which was a welcomed surprise.


Grilled Cheese & Soup. Classic.

The restaurant itself was quite loud though. There was a live band upstairs, which, don’t get me wrong, I love live music, but it was really really LOUD. We sat downstairs right near the staircase so the sound just travelled straight down. We could barely have a conversation without shouting at each other. Probably would’ve been more enjoyable were we sat a little further in.

But all in all = pretty good, would definitely go back.

606 1 Street Southwest
Calgary, AB T2P 3B1
(403) 265-4230

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