[Dine-Out] Seattle: Le Pichet

Stopped by at Le Pichet for a quick afternoon snack. I had read that this place had an amazing charcuterie board, and I ❤ charcuterie boards.

Store Front

Bf was ordering coffee and espresso left, right, and centre when we were in Seattle.


Bread & butter:


The bf loves his cheese, so we got a cheese plate to share as well:

Can’t quite recall what they all were, to be honest, I didn’t eat much of it…

Some super grody blue cheese, I did not partake in this at all

A milder cheese, way more by cup of tea

The charcuterie board, in all its glory:

Meat Heaven

We got the Chef’s Selection. Guess how much this whole plate was? TWELVE DOLLARS. Outrageous, this would cost at least double in Calgary. Love it.

The items to the right and bottom of the cornichons are Pâté Albigeois (country-style pork pâté) and Gâteau au foie de volatile (a smooth chicken liver terrine). The two square pieces in the middle of the dish is langue de boeuf. Beef tongue. Bf was so excited about this. He loves all sorts of unconventional meats. This was actually really good, it had really nice spices. To the top of the gherkins is Saucisse Lyonnais, a Lyon-style sausages with pork and pistachios. That’s all I recall…can’t remember the rest. I do remember that the ham (I think it was Jambon cru Serrano) to the right of the beef tongue was absolutely delicious though.

Go here. Eat meat. Do it.

1933 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 256-1499

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