[Quick Bite] Seattle: The Confectional

I LOVE CHEESECAKE. There. I confessed my love for cheesecake. Seriously, I love this stuff. I have an internal argument with myself every time during dessert ordering time. Do I order the cheesecake, which is more often than not, plain and normal and boring, or do I order something new to try? Cheesecake wins this internal debate 90% of the time. On a side note – why do restaurants not put more interesting cheesecakes on their menu? I’m super sick of seeing white chocolate cheesecake everywhere, so not cool.

Signage at Pike Place

The display case:

Glorious, glorious cheesecakes

We bought 2 of the individual sized cheesecakes to try:

Single boxes seem a tad bit wasteful…

The bf got the Mexican Chocolate flavour. He loves anything that’s spicy. It’s basically a dark chocolate cheesecake with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. I tried a bite, I thought it was a little weird, I don’t get the spicy chocolate thing that seems to be all the rage right now. It had a crazy odd aftertaste. I also am not a fan of anything too chocolate-ty, so the dark chocolate on a thick chocolate crust did nothing for me. He liked it though.

Not my cup of tea. Fo sho.

I got the Seattle’s NY Style cheesecake. I know, I know, right after I go on forever on how restaurants don’t have any awesome cheesecake flavours, and I go and buy the classic style cheesecake. I’m a sucker for plain cheesecake, just not at restaurants, where I’m paying $9.00 for a slice.

According to The Confectional’s website, the Seattle version of the classic NY cheesecake is more hearty and has a hint of freshly zested lemon and real vanilla.

The plain ‘ol classic.

I don’t know if it’s because I had a bite of the Mexican Chocolate first or what, but this totally didn’t live up to expectations. As far as cakes go, it was a pretty good cake BUT for a cheesecake…? Not that great. Definitely not as creamy as most cheesecakes that I’ve had.

1530 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 257-6597

The Confectional on Urbanspoon


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