[Dine-Out] Seattle: Ivar’s Acres of Clams

When we were in Seattle, I was constantly on the look out for awesome happy hour specials. And Ivar’s Acres of Clams had a wicked awesome one. It’s not listed on their website, but they had great drink specials and a lot of food on the menu was at a reduced price. I started off with a Bloody Mary – cousin of the Canadian Caesar (which is much better – in my opinion).

A whopping $5.50 – goodness I love American prices

Happy Hour wine was $3.50 a pop:


I also got a Martinelli’s sparkling juice for $3.00:

Very sweet

We got a bunch of dishes to share. The first dish was a smoked salmon plate with whipped lemon mascarpone cheese and pickled red pepper jam. It also came with a side of (much needed) fresh greens. I always end up not eating enough fruits and vegetables when I’m on vacation…

I’m not a fan of this type of smoked salmon

This dish is listed as $10.00 on Ivar’s menu, can’t remember how much we actually paid for it. Got a plate of fresh sautéed Manila clams for $8.00. This plate of clams in delicious garlic broth usually goes for $12.00.

Shallots, Carrots, Celery, Onions, Wine, and Butter Goodness

BTW – Clams > Mussels.

And of course, had to get a bowl of clam chowder:

Northwest Style White Clam Chowder with Bacon – $4.50

Tuna duo:


We got a few orders of fresh oyster shooters. Six of these babies were only $4.00, instead of the normal price of $1.50 each. That means we only paid…drum roll….$0.67 for each oyster!! These were served with “Ivar’s Classic Cocktail Sauce” – whatever that means.

Om Nom Nom Nom in my Tummy

Expertly fried Crispy Calamari for $6.00 ($4.00 off their regular menu price):

Is it wierd that I like aioli but not mayo? This came with a delicious Chipotle-Lime Aioli

Our table of ridiculously good and cheap food:

Nom Noms

Pier 54
1001 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 624-6852


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