[Dine-Out] Calgary: Ox & Angela (Big Taste 2012)

Ok…I’m pretty sure this is the last of my Big Taste posts. A Big Taste lunch @ Ox & Angela. I absolutely adore this restaurant, I’ve been to a dinner with a group of friends here once. The food was to die for. Big Taste 2012 marked the first time that Ox & Angela was offering a lunch menu.

The meal started off to a great start, bread, olive oil, and two delicious type of salts.

Olive Oil + Bread = Addictive

I take back what I said in my last post, this is the best. salad. ever. Look at all that glorious cheese:

Om nom nom nom

This simple salad consisted only of 3 ingredients: frisee, cabrales, and toasted walnuts. I never thought something so simple would be so good. It was dressed with the perfect amount of sherry vinegar, not too saucy at all.

The bf got the soup:

Anything with a poached egg = thumbs up

The soup was good too, but personally I liked my salad more. The bf definitely liked his soup more though. It’s a garbanzo beans, spinach, and a perfectly cooked poached egg. When you break the egg, the creamy goodness of the yolk just makes the soup that much better.

For the main course, the bf got the Bocadillio:

A Super Fancy Grilled Cheese

A traditional bocadillio isn’t made with sliced bread, so this is pretty much a just an awesome grilled sandwich with chorizo, arugula, dried tomato, aioli, and manchego cheese. I love the presentation, very rustic! The bf loved his sandwich, the only complaint was = not enough meat.

I got the trout:

I ❤ Fish

The perfectly seared trout (look at how crispy that skin looks) came with another fresh, refreshing salad. The citrus and fried capers were a wonderful addition in terms of taste AND texture.

The main course came with patatas bravas for the table:

Delicious Fried Potatoes Covered in a Smoked Paprika Ketchup

I can eat a entire pot of these.

The dessert was Tarta Santiago:

Cake of Saint James

This is a traditional Spanish cake made with ground almonds, eggs, and sugar. This particular one had a hint of orange in it and was dusted with powdered sugar. This was okay, I personally don’t like almond flavours or orange flavours….so…Tarta Santiago is not my thing.

528 17th Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2S 0A9
(403) 457-1432

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