[Dine-Out] Calgary: River Cafe (Big Taste 2012)

Big Taste @ River Cafe.

Course 1

The first course was a light starter consisting of Polar Bluff carrots and Old West Ranch Buffalo Mozzarella. I love love love buffalo mozzarella. I could eat buckets of this stuff. Anything with buffalo mozzarella = good in my books. And really, you’d have to try pretty damn hard to mess this baby up. This light salad was served with roasted carrots, pickled carrots, crisp carrots, toasted farro, and arugula.

The entree from the Big Taste menu was a plump Noble Farm Duck Cotechino Sausage:

Big Taste Menu

That beauty of a sausage was served with braised french lentils, roasted apples, buttered cabbage, and a preserved lemon yogurt. I am just loving all the restaurants using apples in their dishes. Bf loved it, polished it off, wouldn’t even consider trading with me…

I wanted to trade because I got this god awful french toast:

Brioche French Toast $16

I don’t even know why I ordered this, I know that I don’t like french toast (unless is stuffed with salty, meaty goodness). Oh I know, I was persuaded by the promise of brioche and crème fraîche. Crème fraîche is like my kryptonite. I will pretty much order anything that has crème fraîche on it…

This. Was. Not. Good. Never again am I ordering a french toast that is not stuffed with meat. The bread was so mushy – I felt like I was eating bread pudding. Not a good texture. And the flavours were just boring. You would think that the Okanagan rhubarb, orange, basil, and white chocolate crème fraîche would be good…but it wasn’t…or maybe it was, but just not good enough to mask the nasty mushy texture the bread had. Yuck. Biggest disappointment ever. Also, I don’t understand why people like normal french toast? it’s just sweet on sweet topped with more sweet.

At least the dessert was good…

Big Taste Dessert

This was a dandelion honey panna cotta topped with Kayben Farm blackcurrants and 2 baby Highwood Crossing steel cut oatmeal cookies. Have I mentioned I love panna cottas?

25 Prince’s Island Park
Calgary, AB T2P 0R1
(403) 261-7670

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  1. […] I got the back bacon and Sylvan Star Gruyere stuffed french toast. I have this love hate relationship with french toast. I hate french toast but I love it when it’s stuffed with salty goodness. French toast is always a hit or miss for me. For example: awful french toast experience here. […]

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