[Dine-Out] Calgary: Boxwood Cafe (Big Taste 2012)

So, Big Taste 2012 @ Boxwood. The starter was a quinoa and golden beet cake. This was only so-so, it was good but not great, you know? It came with a small handful of radish and arugula salad and a dollop of Vital Green yogurt sauce.

Quinoa & Beet Cake

Made the bf eat this one because I don’t like polenta. The portion was quite small, don’t know if you can tell…

Part of the Big Taste Menu

It was beef short ribs with a stone ground cornmeal polenta cake.

I ordered this off of the regular menu:

Steelhead Trout $18

It’s a piece of Lois Lake B.C. Steelhead Trout served with side striped shrimp sabayon. I found the sauce to be too heavy, but the salad provided a nice break from the richness of the sauce.

The Big Taste dessert:

Panna Cotta – YUM

I absolutely adore panna cottas. This was a canola honey panna cotta topped with a cranberry preserve and sesame seed brittle. Not sure if the sesame brittle was house-made, but it tasted exactly like those little packets that you can buy in grocery stores.

340 13 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2R 0W9

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