[Dine-Out] Calgary: The Libertine Public House

Went and sat at The Libertine’s patio the other day. I absolutely adore the menu at the Libertine, there are so many choices and I always have a tough time picking what to eat! I couldn’t pick between the duck clubhouse or the soft shell crab…finally decided that I would be semi-healthy and avoided the deep fried crab.

Duck Clubhouse $15

The soup of the day was a roasted tomato and red pepper soup. It was really good, just the right amount of spice. The waitress had originally told us it was cream of cauliflower. I wasn’t too worried about it – I like tomatoes much better anyways. The sandwich was so filling. I had half of it, and half of the bf’s burger (below), and I was stuffed. The duck in the sandwich was cooked nicely and the combination of the ingredients (confit duck, bacon, stout cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and red pepper jelly) was very satisfying.

The Damn Good Burger $15

The bf’s burger was good, but not nearly as good as my sandwich. I think that was because the beef patty was a tad on the dry side. Other than that, I think it really would have been a damn good burger. The burger came topped with jalapeño cream cheese, fresh jalapeños, bacon, and crispy onions (and of course, lettuce and tomatoes). The jalapeño cream cheese and the fresh jalapeños added a really nice kick to the burger. The spiciness was what made me keep eating it despite the dry meat. Also, the crispy onions added a nice texture (but not enough for me to overlook the overly crumbly texture of the meat). I really wish more places in Calgary would ask how we want our burgers cooked!

223 – 8th Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2P 1B9
(403) 265-3665
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