[Dine-Out] Calgary: The Gypsy Bistro Wine Bar

Stopped by the Gypsy the other day for a quick lunch. I’ve always wanted to try their food, but their dinner is just a tad expensive for a casual night out.

We ordered a chicken and pear pizza. I love dishes that incorporate salty and sweet ingredients together. The bf actually ordered this but I think I ate the majority of it. He didn’t really like it but I did!


I got a chicken & apple sandwich that came with a side of salad. The salad was actually really good, I really liked the dressing that came on it. The sandwich was okay. Nothing great. Too much bread, the fillings was kind of bland. It was expensive too…


I…think…I like this place and will probably go back and try it again. The day that we went though, the table behind us was really loud and obnoxious so we couldn’t really enjoy our meal. Maybe we’ll try it for dinner one of these nights.

The Gypsy Bistro Wine Bar
817 1 Street Southwest
Calgary, AB T2P 7N2
(403) 263-5869

Gypsy Bistro-Wine Bar on Urbanspoon


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  1. This blog, “[Dine-Out] Calgary: The Gypsy Bistro Wine Bar
    food = life” was in fact terrific. I’m making out a copy to clearly show my
    associates. Thanks-Paula

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