[Quick Bite] Seattle: Maximus Minimus

I was on the hunt for food trucks when I was down in Seattle. After watching the Maximus Minimus episode on Eat Street, I knew I had to try something from the most awesome looking truck ever!

Hahahaha, I just noticed that their license plate says "SOME PIG" - so cute!

I was totally enamored by what the truck looks like because, honestly, I don’t even like pork that much.

The menu of goodies

I tried the hibiscus nectar for $2.00 (menu price +tax). I took one sip and instantly regretted my decision. It was really sweet and didn’t have enough of a spearmint flavor for me. I really wanted to try the ginger lemonade but  I wasn’t going to stand in the long line again for a drink. Laziness = 1, Me = o.

Hibiscus Nectar - nectar is the right word for it, very very sweet~

I got the Maximus Pulled Pork ($7.00) – a mixture of hot and spicy goodness~

Pork stewed in a mixture of peppers, onions, and fruit juices

This was such a delicious sandwich. And this is coming from a girl that doesn’t even like pork. I could eat 12 of these. Really. I love the spicy one but would’ve died to try the other one us well, but I couldn’t convince the bf to get one too. He wanted to eat something else…or had already eaten…I forgot. But what’s with this? Who says no to the totally awesome metal pig?

I also spaced, and forgot to order a side of minimus slaw, which is how the show recommended you eat it. Oh god, now I will never have the chance again. 😦

So much meat~

I love that you can’t even see the bottom bum in the above picture. If you can see the bum, it means there is not enough meat!

Seattle, WA
(206) 601-5510


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