[Dine-Out] Calgary: Big-Fish Oyster Bar & Lounge

This is by far my most favourite restaurant to have brunch in Calgary. It’s such a shame it is all the way up on Edmonton Trail. Edmonton Trail is such a huge hassle for me to go to without a car…

Anyways, got to start brunch off with some tea. I like my tea with milk and honey!


The bf got the pan fried trout & spinach hash with lemon butter and soft poached eggs. He absolutely loves pan scramblers and really enjoyed this.

Pan Fried Trout & Spinach Hash

Mmmm….I love poached eggs!


I got the wild mushroom, truffle, basil, and white cheddar scramble on duck confit hash. This. Was. Amazing.

Duck Confit Hash

I love love love truffles and this dish is fantastic. I would definitely recommend this dish. At first I was a bit disappointed because I had wanted poached eggs, but my disappointment went away as soon as I smelled the truffles. Oh god, my mouth is watering as I write this.


This is probably my all time favourite breakfast dish — a must try.

Big-Fish Oyster Bar & Lounge
1112 Edmonton Trail Northeast
Calgary, AB T2E 3K4
(403) 277-3403
Big Fish Dockside on Urbanspoon


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