[Quick Bite] Calgary: Blam!Wich Food Truck

Finally! I finally had my first food truck experience. I’m so happy that Calgary is doing this now. Too bad its getting cold out, all the trucks seem to either be hibernating or be really far away for the core. I also hate the fact that I can never find a truck downtown on the weekends. The city should really do something about that if they’re serious about “revitalizing” the downtown core. No one comes downtown after work hours on the weekdays and on the weekends because there is nothing opened, and no one wants to open the stores at those hours because no one comes downtown. Poop, what a stupid catch-22.

Cute truck!

The super delicious, super awesome menu:


The bf and I got the Bacon Storm and the Super Mario sandwich to share. The lady at the truck was super nice and helpful and wrapped one half of each into a bundle so we didn’t have to do the switch-a-roo ourselves.

The Bacon Storm & The Super Mario

The Bacon Storm was full of bacon-y goodness. Words cannot describe how delicious this sandwich was. It was $8 (like all their sandwiches) and has bacon served with bacon aioli, lettuce, and tomato. Funny story, so we were sitting inside the Nexen building eating our sandwiches when a group of workers come working in the back door. They had apparently passed by the truck and their menu and was discussing what “aioli” was. One guy decided he was the expert on all things aioli and very confidently told the group that it was so sort of space craft. Bahahaha, we thought it was super hilarious at the time, but it probably isn’t all that funny retold in poorly written text -___-“.

Bacon Goodness

The other sandwich we got was the Super Mario. This sandwich was pretty good too, but it is nothing compared to the Bacon Storm. The Super Mario came with four  Italian meats (unspecified), provolone, artichoke, peppers, olives, and pepper spread. I usually don’t like olives or anything that has olives in it, but I didn’t mind it in this sandwich. I don’t know, that olive-y taste wasn’t too overly strong. Or it could be that I was switching bites between the two sandwiches, and the bacon taste just overwhelmed it~

Italian Meat Goodness

So definitely go hunt down the Blam!Wich truck, and if you can only get one sandwich, GET THE BACON STORM!

Roaming Food Truck

Blam!Wich on Urbanspoon


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