[Quick Bite] Calgary: Atomic

The bf and I got a quick drink at Atomic during an unbearably hot day (seems like so long ago…). I’m not a big fan of Atomic, they charge way more than the normal BBT shops down in Chinatown AND they’re like 2/3 the size. Another thing that’s ridiculous is that they charge over $4.00 for a slushie (made from powder, not even real fruits) and then make you pay extra for the “bubbles“. Bubbles are their namesake, it should be included in their products.

Mango with Green Tea Jelly

I got  a Mango slush with Green Tea Jelly. It was over $5.00 for something that would have cost $3.75 in Chinatown (it would be larger too!).

Taro with Green Tea Jelly

The bf got a Taro with Green Tea Jelly. Also, when we went, they were out of the normal tapioca pearls…how can you let a bubble tea place run out of bubbles? What blasphemy.

And then the guy that works there was going on an on about how strong the green tea jelly is in flavour and it totally wasn’t. No green tea taste at all.

I don’t know why everyone is so enamoured with this place. The only reason we went there was because we had a coupon. I would never pay regular price for their second-rate products.

1306 1 Street Southwest
Calgary, AB T2R 0W3
(403) 228-6642

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