[Dine-Out] Calgary: Redwater Grille

The bf and I had dinner at the Bow Valley RedWater Grille a while back because I had a gift card to use up!

The meal started off with some complementary bread. As you can see, they don’t serve you fancy bakery bread, it’s pretty much just white bread but in a baguette shape instead of a loaf shape. The butter had some herbs in it though.


We started off with the Calamari. The sauce is a green apple and lemon aioli. Hahaha, speaking of aioli, I overheard a conversation today where the guy was pronouncing it “alloy”, and his companions were all confused as to why there would be alloy in food.

The menu online says this is $9.00, but they totally charged us $10.00

This was actually quite well done, the oil was nice and the batter wasn’t too heavy.

I prefer the type of calamari with squid legs though~

For the main I had the Forno Roasted Red Spring Salmon. The dish came with herb roasted baby potatoes, asparagus, and chill garlic butter. I asked for mine without the butter though. I don’t get when main dishes come out for a massive knob of butter, why does anyone need to eat that much butter with their protein?


Meh, your average fish & potatoes. Nothing special about this, nothing bad either…the fish wasn’t dry or anything, but it wasn’t fantastic.

The bf got the Crab Capellini:


This was super delicious, but I think the recipe probably went something like this: equal part butter and equal part pasta.

Yum, I love soft-shell crab!

Even though the food was quite good, I don’t think we will be going back there anytime soon.

Why you ask? Is it because of the price? Nope, even though it is a little on the expensive side.

It is….


…of this:

Soooo much oil

Above was what my salmon dish looked like sans food. I don’t even know how there could be sooooo much oil. Imagine how much there would have been with the ball of butter!

Empty Pasta Dish

This was the bf’s empty dish. I understand that a lot of restaurants cook their pasta with lots of butter so it tastes yummy, but there was probably a good 2 tablespoons of oil pooling at the bottom of the bowl. That’s just not very appetizer to look it. Imagine how much oil you probably actually digested…

I also don’t understand how they managed to do the fried dish (calamari) with little to no oil left on the plate…but this much oil for our main courses…baffling!

181 250 6th Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3H7
(403) 265-3837

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