[Dine-Out] Calgary: West Restaurant and Bar

WEST is a downtown restaurant that offers relatively affordable food that’s good for get togethers and outings with friends. I see WEST just a bit above restaurants like Joey’s Tomato and The Metropolitan Grill. WEST isn’t a franchise (yet), but it gives off that same sort of feel.

They do offer relatively cheap drinks though, which is nice. It seems like most places are charging $10.00+ for a cocktail these days…

Some Fruity Watermelon Drink

I think these were both under $10.00:

Mango & Watermelon

We ordered the Chef’s Fondue. I don’t know why I order fondue anymore, I don’t particularly like the stuff. I find that the wine is way too strong in the fondue, and it just gets to be too…rich…after the first couple of bites. This fondue is made of melted aged parmesan, boursin, smoked gruyere, and white cheddar. The naan sticks that it comes with is super tasty though, and the apple is a great touch!

Chef's Fondue

We got another starter, the Wasabi Spuds. Mmmm…these were good. I love potatoes and I love Wasabi. I guess these are whipped potatoes wrapped in wonton wrappers and then fried. I found that the wasabi wasn’t strong enough, but the dipping sauce, a pickled ginger aioli, is very nice.

Not Wasabi-y Enough

I didn’t get any pictures of the mains, but they were okay. Nothing spectacular. I remember the portion size on my ravioli was quite small though…


Above is a passionfruit tart. It was nothing great, but it wasn’t bad either. I’m a big fan of meringue, so yum!

Another dessert we got was the Chocolate Trio.

Chocolate Trio

It consisted of a “Molten Bomb Ganache” which is pretty much a molten lava cake. So many restaurants have these now, I’m kind of sick of seeing them on the menu. The cake is served with Vanilla Bean Gelato. At the far end was a Chambord Chocolate Mousse, and the closest to the camera is a belgian waffle with chocolate syrup. Nothing too innovating.

The last dessert we got was a Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake with fresh raspberry coulis.


I ❤ Cheesecake!

225 7 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2P 2W3
(403) 237-5556

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