[Dine-Out] Calgary: Sunterra Market

The bf and I went through this phase where we would eat at the Sunterra Keynote every weekend since their food was so reasonably priced. We’d have brunch there every Sunday, sometimes a dinner, and it definitely became a place to take our parents for celebrations because it was so cheap! We’ve weaned off it a bit now, I don’t think we’ve gone in a couple of months. I get sick of things pretty quick if we have it too often, and it also seemed like a waste to spend all of our money there when there are so many good places to eat at in Calgary.

Here’s a compilation of most of our meals there. As you will see from the pictures, even though you will order the same meal, you’ll still see a lot of variety & discrepancies. The discrepancies were also something that go on my nerve after a while. You’d never know if the food is going to be cooked the way you like it or if it was going to be a bit…off…

This was probably our first meal there, and what made me fall in love with this place. As you all know, I love having a traditional breakfast. Their “Classic” breakfast here is only $6.29!! That’s a good $3.00 off any other place that offers breakfast in town. The breakfast comes with 2 eggs (cooked to your liking, I got poached here), hash browns, choice of meat (ham, bacon, or sausage), and fresh fruit. I loved the mint on top, it made it just that much better!

Fruit - Fresh from the Market Below

The bf got a chicken burger with a side of Caesar salad:

I think around $9.00

The food here is nothing extraordinary, but it’s totally not bad either. I’d say above average most days, average some days, and I’ve never had a bad meal there. The portions are great considering the prices though.

Another day – the bf got a bison burger:

Still around $9.00

Look at all that bacon!! They sure don’t skimp.

I got a roast beef lunch once, this was a little pricier, probably around $12.00:

Love Love Cauliflower

I wasn’t a big fan of the sauce, and the meat was a little cold. I think the temperature issue was due to me getting it probably at the end of lunch service. It wasn’t over-cooked or anything, and the potatoes were fantastic. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Also, this was enough food for me to have lunch the next day as well!!

Smoked Salmon Crepe with Capers:

Around $10.00 I think, could be less

The bf ordered this, and he loved it!

My traditional breakfast again:

Love Love Tomatoes

Another reason I love this place is that they’ll give me grilled tomatoes instead of toast at no extra charge! There was a miscommunication this time and I didn’t end up getting any potatoes but I didn’t really need them anyways.

This time I got both potatoes and tomatoes, and even an extra tomato!! (See what I mean by discrepancies?)

So Yummy!

Here’s another Smoked Salmon Crepe:


A Beef-Cooked-in-Wine Crepe:

More Crepe

And a breakfast burrito:

Probably around $8.00

That’s it for the breakfast/brunch portion of the post. As you can see, it’s a great place to take a large group of people for brunch and not break the wallet!

We also stopped by at night once to try their dinner menu:

Wine & Cheese Board for around $12.00

This is a wicked deal for under $20.00. Most places will charge more than that for their charcuterie boards. And it’s not like they give you regular cheddar and pepperoni either! We got fancy “exotic” meats and 3 different variety of cheeses.

We also got a burger to share. This was probably $10.00. The coleslaw that came as a side on this was fantastic. It tasted really good as a dip for the potatoes!

Beeeeeefffffyyyy Goodness~

The ordering system of this place is kind of weird when you go at brunch time. I’ve been there like 6 times now and I still don’t think I do it properly. Some of the stations, like the crepes, you order from the chef, then you go to the cashier to pay for your meal. Some stations, like the traditional breakfast, you just go to the cashier and they’ll take your order for you. Also, I never know if I’m supposed to stand there or wait for my food, or if I’m supposed to sit down and they’ll bring it to you. They do both, like if you’re not standing there waiting for your name to be called out, they’ll walk around looking for you…

A tad bit confusing, and a tad bit inconsistent, but a great place to eat nevertheless~

200 12 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB T2G 1G1
(403) 261-6772
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  1. oer priced food.. generic tasting.. bad service. at sunterra market keynote

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