[Quick Bite] Calgary: Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

We went hunting around the industrial area for some baked goods at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. Of course, it’s after my excursion that they rolled out their Stephen Avenue cart. Stephen Ave is much more convenient than their 5524 1A Street location. Oh woe is me.

Oh well, I got some yummy baked goods out of it, and plus, it was a nice day, so really nothing to complain about.

I really wanted some of their mojito scones after Aviv Fried tweeted about it the other week, but they didn’t have any the day I went~ 😦

Some cheese scone the bf got

There were lots of treats with Saskatoon berries and mascarpone cheese:



I love this type of pastry!

The yummy pastries are definitely worth the walk, but if you’re lazy (like me), their bread cart is up and running on Stephen every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45am until 9:30am. They also have bread delivery on Tuesdays if you’re downtown!!


5524 1A Street Southwest
Calgary, AB T2H 0E7
(403) 400-3067
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery on Urbanspoon


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  1. […] was such a fantastic day when I found out that SCB was opening a location in Kensington. Fresh baked goodies? Walking distance from my house? […]

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