[Dine-Out] Calgary: Fuji Yama Japanese Restaurant

Grabbed a quick dinner at Fuji Yama with a friend. I’ve actually never eaten in here before, the location of the restaurant never appealed to me. It’s in a stand alone building, next to a car rental place and a basement dim sum place. The interior of the restaurant is actually quite nicely decorated & spacious. Soooo….I guess I was wrong…


We ordered the Ika Sugatayaki to start:

Grilled Squid for $8.95

The squid was quite good, it had a really nice smokey flavour.

And then we ordered a few rolls to share. I don’t recall what the name of these rolls were because they’re not posted on their website (what the what?!). I’m such an awful food blogger, I know.

This is a soft shell crab roll topped with mangoes and black tobiko:

Soft Shell Crab Roll

I was pleasantly surprised when this came out. As you can see from the pictures, the soft shell crab is actually quite meaty. Other places where I’ve had soft shell crab rolls always try to skimp and stick the skinny legs in. You can actually taste the crab in this roll, look at it! The meat is like half the roll. And they are generous with the tobiko too! Thumbs up!!

We also tried their Dragon Roll (I think), that’s the one on the left topped with avocado and tobiko. The roll itself is stuffed with unagi. Mmm…I love unagi, even though it’s not a sustainable fish. I shall try to eat less of it…

The ones on the right consists of two different rolls even though they look the same. One was rolled with salmon and cream cheese, and the other one had Japanese basil rolled into it. I actually didn’t like the one with the basil in it, it gave the roll an odd taste. Would not recommend.

Rolls Rolls Rolls

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I was in Seattle all last week! But, the upside of that is I’ll have lots of Seattle posts to put up!!

118 5 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB T2G 5E3
(403) 266-1068

Fuji Yama Japanese on Urbanspoon


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  1. Grilled squid is one of my new favs! 🙂 I just may have to go try it! Thanks!

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