[Quick Bite] Calgary: Fuze on Fourth

We had another quick snack after leaving the VIN Room and before going to The Great Canadian Bagel.

Busy Busy Fourth

We stopped by Fuze’s booth and tried their KFC (Korean Fried Chicken):

3 for $5 or 5 for $3 - can't remember, more likely the first though

I’ve read about KFC on numerous other blogs, and wanted to give them a try. The ones at FUZE at vastly different than the ones I’ve read about. First of all they’re pieces of fried chicken nuggets instead of actual wings. This makes sense for the festival but I’m pretty sure that’s also how it’s served in the restaurant. Also, the sauce was much lighter than the other ones I’ve read about. This was good though, the sauce was sticky and messy but it was nicely seasoned. A little uninspired I have to say (gochujang hot pepper sauce, ginger, garlic, and soy), nothing particularly special about it.

Tasting it didn’t exactly make me want to dine at their restaurant. I’ve looked at their menu previously when they were preparing to open and it didn’t make me want to try their food. It seemed to be pretty standard fare with prices that are on the higher side of things.

2116 4th Street Southwest
Calgary, AB T2S 0H3
(403) 457-4481

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  1. Hi,

    Joey’s Seafood Restaurants would like to invite you to review a new concept we are opening in Calgary in a week or so. We have called it “Joey’s Urban” and is quite a bit different than what you would expect from a typical Joey’s Seafood Restaurant. Check out our menu http://joeysurban.ca/menu.php. Please reply to marketing@joeys.ca if you would like some more information.

    Dave Holland
    Marketing & Design Manager
    Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd.

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