[Dine-Out] Calgary: Brasserie Kensington

Brasserie Kensington opened a while ago down in (obviously) Kensington. This is great news for me because it’s another reasonably priced restaurant with food I actually want to try near where I live! I don’t even remember what was in that space before hand…hmmm….nope, can’t remember. Brasserie Kensington is a cute little place on top of Winebar Kensington – a place which I have still not been to, definitely need to fix that soon!

I love the atmosphere of the place:

Very Modern with a Semi-Open Kitchen

The bf ordered the Wild Boar Burger for $16.75:

"Hog Wild"

The burger came topped with gruyère, arugula aioli, and a grainy mustard. He loved this burger. The patty was cooked to perfection, and the boar taste was very prominent. For an additional $3.00 he got his fries upgraded to the parmesan pomme frites with white truffle oil. I wonder how much extra it would be to upgrade to their foie gras poutine (a definite must-try)?

Fries = Perfection; I ❤ Skinny Fries

I got the Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Summer Apple Slaw for $14.50:

Soft Shell Crab

This was good, the apple slaw complemented the fried crab perfectly. And the aioli that comes with the dish was absolutely delicious, they’re a little skimpy on it though. I’m sure I could’ve gotten more if I asked though.

The food is fantastic here, and there are many things on their menu that I want to try so I will definitely come back.

However, there was something that irked me this particular time and it kind of diminished the dining experience for me. If you look on their menu – the soft shell crab is listed under the “SHELLS” section:


And the menu in the restaurant is exactly the same as this. It says that – all shells are served with pomme frites. The soft shell crab is listed under shells – so you would think that it would also come with fries. There’s nothing that indicates otherwise. I realize that some people might say that it says it comes with a slaw – but it never clearly says that it’s served with a slaw instead of fries. There’s no space before the crab that would indicate that the above “all served with pomme frites” statement does not apply to the crab. So, the menu in itself is confusing. When I inquired about the fries, the server replied in a very snobby manner that only the shells come with fries. Ummm…last time I checked, a crab is a shellfish. It has a shell, a pretty damn big one in fact.

The point is, I didn’t mind that my meal didn’t come with fries (I really didn’t need the carbs for my dinner), but the way the server chose to deal with my question was very off-putting. There’s  no need to make your customer feel uncomfortable about asking questions regarding your menu. Not only that, she answered in a way that made it seem it was stupid for asking the question. Her attitude was completely unnecessary since it’s their menu that was obviously misleading.

It’s a good thing that the food is good here, because shitty server attitude is the kind of thing that I would not return to a lesser restaurant for.

1131 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4P4
(403) 457-4148

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  1. It’s funny how much a server can make or break a meal, huh? I normally try not to let the server destroy my meal – if the food is good, than hopefully that’s all that matters. But, I do have a few reviews also regarding servers.. 😦

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