[Dine-Out] Calgary: El Sombrero Restaurante Mexicano

First of all, can anyone explain to me why Mexican food is so damn expensive in Calgary? You’d think it’d be one of the cheaper cuisines…

I personally think it’s quite ridiculous to be paying around ~$20.00 for Mexican food, but, the bf wanted it really bad. Sigh, what can you do? I’m sure if I actually liked Mexican food (like the bf), I wouldn’t mind paying so much for it. But it’s pretty expensive for a meal that I don’t actually want.

Ok, enough complaining, I’ll move on.

I got the Filete de Huachinango Veracruzano, which is a red snapper fillet cooked Veracruz style. El Sombrero’s Veracruzano sauce is made up of dried pepper, spices, and white wine. Other Veracruzano sauces I found on the internet consists of olives and capers. It came with a choice of two sides. I choose salad and vegetables. The only upside of this meal was that it had cauliflower (love), the rest was…meh

It’s kind of off-putting when you get served a plate of food in a restaurant that has baby carrots in it. The kind where you can buy from a supermarket and eat straight from the bag. I mean, I have a giant bag of that stuff at home right now, I can throw it in a pot of boiling water and then eat that.

It’s obvious that not much thought was put into this plate. I mean, I know I’m not a fancy-shmancy restaurant or anything like that, BUT my plate just looked like the chef took 2 seconds and threw it together. Here, let me throw some bland, probably boiled or steamed, vegetables on a plate, then let me throw other raw, coarsely chopped vegetable next to it and call it a salad, AND THEN I’ll just shove the fish onto the half of the plate that isn’t preoccupied by bland, under-seasoned vegetables.

Soooo not worth $17.00

The sides aside (hahaha), the fish was pretty mediocre, I feel like I could easily make the fish at home myself. There is nothing particular exciting about it, and seriously not worth spending $17.00 on it.

The bf got the Pechuga de Pollo con Mole. It features a grilled boneless chicken breast covered in the spicy chocolate sauce. I guess the only Mexican part of plate is the mole sauce. I know, I know, we could’ve choose beans as sides, and that probably would’ve felt more like we were eating Mexican food.

Mole mole mole

The bf was quite disappointed with this dish as well. Never mind that he got the same bland sides as me, but he asked the waitress what the spiciest dish on the menu is, and she said this one. AND IT WASN’T SPICY AT ALL. I mean, when you think Mexican, you think spice right? Wellllllll…where was it? Flavour seemed to have skipped our dishes. He basically poured half a bottle of hot sauce on his chicken before it was spicy enough for him. That’s beside the point anyways, when you go out to eat Mexican food, you expect Mexican flavours. This is a cuisine that’s known for its spices and flavour, and you’re expecting it to be the star of your dish, sadly it just wasn’t here at El Sombrero.

520 17 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2S 0B1
(403) 228-0332


2 Responses

  1. Super Restaurant calgary el sombrero in mexicano

  2. Not only is Mexican food ridiculously overpriced, but the quality plunges straight into the toilet compared to any shabby taco truck south of the border. It’s baffling, really. And that place with the sad carrots is why I almost never even try Mexican food anymore in C-town. (Although next time your bf has a craving, the Salt and Pepper in Bowness is much more palatable).

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