[Dine-Out] Calgary: Lasani Restaurant & Catering Services Inc.

This new Indian restaurant opened up a while ago by where I live, so the bf and I thought we’d go check it out. Also, we received a 10% off promotional coupon in the mail~!

We got complimentary papadum to start:


Papadum is sort of like a thin, crisp cracker that you eat with assorted chutney and dip.


I noticed that they had a bunch of these little trio containers around, and I think they just give the same things to different tables. Is this sanitary? I mean, we didn’t double-dip…but what if other people do? I don’t really like that. I don’t want to be eating someone else’s germs…icky.

Of course, I got a Mango Lassi:

Funny Mug

We went when they first opened, so I don’t think they had everything sorted out yet. Not only did my lassi not show up until half way through my meal, it showed up in this tacky mug.

We got some chicken wings to start. This were good, they are marinated with yogurt, fresh lemon vinegar, and traditional spices. I love me some chicken wings!!

Delicious, but we ordered waaay too much food

We got some regular naan as our carbs:

Plain 'Ol Naan

And some Roghni Naan:

Yogurt, Milk, & Butter

I actually ordered the Butter Chicken this time:

Lots of Chunks of Chicken

This was good, but definitely not as good as Mango Shiva’s Butter Chicken…mmm… I ❤ Mango Shiva.

The bf got the Goat Karahi:

Lahori Style

He always get goat, I think it’s so that he doesn’t have to share with me. Humf!

Overall, it was pretty good. I think it’ll be a while before we go back though, there’s just so many other indian places around where we live that we haven’t try yet. I’d much rather try out new restaurants since the food wasn’t that fantastic.

924B 5 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2P 0N3
(403) 590-7869

Lasani Restauraunt & Catering Services Inc. on Urbanspoon


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