[Quick Bites] Calgary: Crepes & Cravings

We grabbed a quick snack from the TD Square food court using some coupons we got from the Lilac Fest. The bf and I shared 2 crepes, one sweet and one savory.

Greek Chicken

Holy moly, were these crepes ever big. We were both pleasantly surprised by the size of the crepes, they’re actually bigger than the display pictures. They weren’t skimpy on the protein either.


The Hawaiian crepe consists of mangos, pineapples, shredded coconuts, and whipped cream. I got the whipped cream put on the inside because I thought it’d be less messy!

I think the one thing I enjoyed the most was watching the lady make the crepes right in front of you! You can’t get fresher than that (well, minus the frozen fruit and pre-cooked chicken, lol).

304 – 8th Avenue SW (TD Square 2nd Floor)
Calgary, AB T2P 1C2

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  2. Wow, this place looks good! I never got coupons from Lilac Festival! 😦 oh well, I think I’ll have to try it eventually! 🙂 Thanks for the great review!!

  3. Hello, I am the owner of Crepes & Cravings. Sadly, I closed my TD location back in November. However we are still going strong on 17th Avenue SW. You will find all of the crepes that we originally had at TD plus I’ve added a number of new ones as well. Plus if you have a sweet tooth, I handcraft over 30 types of ice cream and gelato daily.

    I thank you for this original blog post and would love to see you at my 17th Avenue location. It’s located at 1013 17th Avenue SW Calgary. Hope to see you soon!


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