[Dine-Out] Calgary: Tandoori Hut

I always order a Mango Lassi when I have Indian food. Mostly because I’m a wimp and need something cool to counter the spicy foods, but also because I ❤ Mangos.

Mango Mango Mango!

The heating tray that keeps the proteins warm. Those are tealights underneath the cover:


We ordered an order each of the Garlic Naan and the Allu Naan. The Allu Naan is stuffed with spicy potatoes. I thought I would really like the Allu since I love potatoes, but it was too mushy. I prefer the Garlic Naan to it.

Naan Breads

I got the Beef Curry. Tandoori cooks their curry with ginger, garlic, and spices. I enjoyed this dish, but I always regret not getting Butter Chicken after I’ve ordered, lol.


The beef curry was very good, it had a nice spiciness to it, but it wasn’t too hot that I couldn’t handle (with the aid of the lassi). They’re very generous with the protein, I got a lot of beef in every bite. When the dishes first came out, it seemed like very little food, but in the end, we had to get stuff packed up to go. The portion size seemed small, say, compared to Mango Shiva, but it really is a lot of food, and  you’re only paying about 2/3 of what you would pay in Mango Shiva. So it all works out at the end.

And the bf got the Goat Vindaloo:


He got this dish because it seemed like the spiciest item on the menu. It’s a spicy curry made with coconut milk and crushed chilies. It was very hot, I could only have a little taste of it before it got to be too much for me. That’s all the wisdom I can impart on his item since I don’t like goat so we didn’t share our dishes ^___^”.

201 10 Street Northwest
Calgary, AB T2N 1V5
(403) 270-4012

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  2. mmmmm!!! Looks good! I’ve been craving curry since I attended my best friends East Indian Wedding. Looks like another place that is going to land into my wish list!!

  3. Elsie – you should give Mango Shiva a try too! Their butter chicken is sooo good >O<

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