[Quick Bites] Calgary: Buttercream Bake Shoppe

We got some treats at Buttercream the other day. This is the first time I’ve actually bought something from Buttercream. I always walk by their store front, but the displays they have don’t exactly entice you to go in and try something from the store. And I think I’ve walked in a couple of times just to turn back around because I don’t find their store decor all that appealing. I personally like Crave better because of their whole package (the actual food AND the store’s atmosphere), and also, this time that I did buy something from them, the girl behind the counter wasn’t all that friendly. Minus one point.

All my finicky, technical stuff aside, their cupcakes are quite good. The cake was quite moist (booooo on dry cupcakes), and the icing wasn’t too sweet at all:

Flavour of the Month

I think the icing being not too sweet has something to do with the icing to cake ratio. Crave cupcakes are more 1:1, where as here it’s more 1:2.

Blueberry Cheesecake

You could really taste the blueberry flavour, but I wish the cheesecake flavour was much stronger. I ❤ cheesecake. This was a vanilla cake with blueberry buttercream and crowned with (only) a dollop of cream cheese buttercream. Since blueberries have quite a strong flavour anyways, they should’ve switched the icing around. Blueberry in the middle, and cream cheese around the outside!

We also got a couple of buns. I’m a really big fan of sweet breads, it reminds me of Chinese bakeries (kinda sorta).

"Sweet Bun"

This was actually just called Sweet Buns – it had notes of cinnamon…so, it’s more like a cinnamon bun. It also had salty caramel and vanilla & cream cheese icing on top.

Om Nom Nom Nom

We also got a Citrus Cranberry Bun:

All Wrapped Up!

This had notes of citrus and cream cheese, and is “highlighted” with cranberries (according to their sign).


I actually found both their buns to be quite dry. You definitely need some kind of beverage to finish eating these.

103 – 1019 17 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2T 0A7
(403) 228-9900

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2 Responses

  1. Your “Blueberry Cheesecake” is very pretty. Love it.

  2. Your sweet buns picture makes me drool, and makes me think about Cinnzeo… Have you tried the Bacon Cinnamon Buns from Cinnzeo?? They’re really good too! here’s what I thought about the Bacon Rolls

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