[Dine-Out] Calgary: Shibuya Izakaya

This was last summer, I think:

$0.99 Fresh Oysters!!

I love fresh raw oysters, so good! I like it better when they’re served plain with the sauces on the side though. At first, I wasn’t a big fan of the soy sauce (don’t mind the chives, yum) coming on the oysters, but it wasn’t bad. If it was up to me though, I would eat it without the soy sauce~


We also got an oyster of Takoyaki. I find a restaurant’s takoyaki is a good measure of how good its hot food items are. Some places they have way too much dough, and it makes the octopus balls very soggy and not good. I was good here, I love the generous amount of Bonito Flakes (Katsuobushi) on top.

Katsuobushi Galore!!

Some sushi, of course:

Mango Tuna Roll

Anago Temaki:

Salt-Water Eel Handroll

I really liked Shibuya, and am planning on making a trip there this year. It’s kind of a hassle to get to for me because it’s up on 16th Avenue, I have to plan it or I won’t end up going~

453 16 Avenue Northeast
Calgary, AB T2E 1K2
(403) 277-8823

Shibuya Izakaya on Urbanspoon


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  2. […] before?!) who gave Shibuya a 8/10 in a 2008 article.  A lot can change in a few years though.  Food = Life gave it a good reviewas well, though I agree about the location – it’s not the easiest place for me to get to […]

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