[Homemade] Charcuterie Board

I’ve been a little Charcuterie Board obsessed lately. The bf and I orders it lots when we go out to eat, and it’s super easy to eat at home. Charcuterie Boards are surprisingly filling too. It’s crazy how full I get from just a little amount of meat & cheese, too bad it’s not that great for you, lol.

This was from a couple of weeks again, we used the rest of the leftovers from Murrieta’s and just added in some meats & cheeses from grocery stores.

Wide Shot

The meats:

Pancetta from Sunterra

Capicola from Sunterra

Candied Salmon from Murrieta's

Duck Prosciutto from the night before

Salami & Meats from the night before

What was left of the Wild Boar Pate (soooo good!)


Left-over Gherkins & Olives, Golden Rye Crispbread from Sunterra



2 Responses

  1. […] by at Le Pichet for a quick afternoon snack. I had read that this place had an amazing charcuterie board, and I ❤ charcuterie boards. Store […]

  2. […] think Escoba has one of the better value charcuterie boards in Calgary. I love coming here just for a light meal. The bf and I usually share a charcuterie plate and a […]

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