[Dine-Out] Montreal: Montreal Poutine

You know, I went to Montreal almost 2 years ago, and at that time, it never even crossed my mind to create a food blog (even though I love eating so), so I never even jotted time the name of restaurants that we ate at. But, with the help of Google Maps, and a pretty awesome (if I can say so myself) memory, I tracked down a couple of the restaurants! I couldn’t find all of them because some were located in restaurant dense locations that I don’t think I could’ve narrowed down the location enough. However, some of the restaurants in The Village an Old Montreal didn’t take too long to find because they had unique store fronts or ways of plating their food. So here’s the first of a few that I hunted down!

This was a place where the bf and I had a snack while we were wandering around Old Montreal. Funny, it’s called Montreal Poutine, and we didn’t even have poutine. I could track down this particular restaurant because I recognized the patio, and the 2 restaurants across from it~

We’re spoiled in Calgary, only having to pay 5% GST, so it really hit our wallets hard when we had to dish out an additional 7.5% for PST (at that time it wasn’t HST yet~), and then still having to tip on top of that! So we tried to keep our eating out to a minimum and at not too expensive restaurants. Which is a shame, because we really should’ve tried Foie Gras in Quebec…

I remember that it was mid afternoon, so we had already had lunch and it wasn’t quite dinner time yet – we just wanted to sit down (I was probably complaining of sore feet) and have some drinks.

I got a sangria, and the bf got a beer (I think it was a Trois-Pistole – that’s all he would drink when we were in Montreal).

Lol, you can see an beer-pouring action shot in the back

And then we got a Warm Brie en Croûte to share:

Mmmm...cheese & bread...can it get more French than this?

It’s pretty much a whole Brie cheese warmed and then dipped in pistachios, and served with toasted baguettes. Annnnnd it was delicious!! What can go wrong with melted Brie?! Although, you can see some burnt bits on the top of the cheese and toast…but we’re not picky!! Not in French land anyways, the wait staff all seemed snooty and mean…really didn’t dare to complain…especially because we were obviously Anglophones (well, I was anyways~).

161 St-Paul Est
Montreal, QC H2Y 1G8
(514) 656-0935

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