[Dine-Out] Calgary: The Holy Grill

Went to The Holy Grill for brunch a while ago, they kind of have like a fast-food approach with the seating & ordering. You have to grab yourself an empty seat when a table opens up, and then you can go up to the counter and order your food. Once the food is done, the cook (I think he’s the owner as well) will call your name, and you go get it yourself. I kind of like this method of dining, you don’t have to wait for the waiter to get a napkin, or more water, you just get it when you want it!

This time we had our ticket lost. We kept waiting and waiting for our food, and of course, the bf is getting restless because he’s hungry and his food is taking forever. So finally, I just ended up going up to the counter and asking about our food. They couldn’t find our ticket! The guy behind the counter was very nice and give us complimentary cups of soups to tie us over as he prepared our lost order~

After a little while longer, our food finally came! Sorry about the thumb in this picture. I couldn’t even retake it because the bf was giving me death glares for delaying his food from entering his mouth. Right after he heard the shutter sound from the iPhone, he went at it!

He got the Brunch Burger – it has a grilled all-natural beef patty, and is topped with cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon, tomato, mustard, and onions atop an English muffin. The burger also comes with market fries on the side, haha, you can see some of the breakfast potatoes snuck on to the plate (the round ones). He said it was delicious, but keep in mind that he was also famished, I’m sure anything would’ve been delicious at that point.

'Scuse the Thumb

I got the Wakey Wakey, you guessed it! The traditional breakfast!! It came with two poached eggs, bacon, extra hash browns (subbed the toast), and fresh fruit. I especially loved the fruit that came with this, it was this firm pear and grapefuit. It was soooo good! The hash browns almost tasted like they were fried…which might’ve been the case, nevertheless they were good. They were a good golden colour, and not dark brown, thumbs up!

Not Predictable At All!

I would definitely come back here again. Hopefully the next time our ticket won’t get lost! The bf wants to try their Gourmet Burger (it has blue cheese, yuck).

Oh – and they’re closed on Sundays, FYI. Fitting, considering their name~

827 10 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2R 0B4
(403) 269-4659

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