[Quick Bites] Hong Kong: Street Food

I loooovvee street food in Hong Kong, I wish we had food stalls (大牌檔) like Hong Kong here. Mmmm…I would eat fishballs everyday >__<“.

This was sooo good, I love octopus, where could you find cheap octopus in the West, huh? No where, that’s where.

Octopus & Fish Balls

The bf got these gigantic 餃子, he claims they’re the best dumplings he has ever had in his life (he eats a lot of dumplings):

Giant Dumpling

The sign here says $10, not $1, HKD $1.00 would be ridiculously cheap for anything – I don’ t even know if I’d eat meat that was that cheap…! Approximately $0.12 Canadian? But, yum, $1.24 squid legs.

Cheap Cheap!

The bf wanted to try this because you can’t get it anywhere in Canada (or even Hong Kong), this version of Red Bull has Taurine in it:


The Red Bulls that are sold in Canada doesn’t have Taurine in it…I think. Or maybe this version has some sort of amphetamine…hmmm….I don’t know, anyways, it’s not sold here~

The Culprit

Cute bear buns from a bakery:

Cute Bear Buns

Crabs on display outside a restaurant:

Crabs on Display (hahahahaha)



Grilled Cuttlefish:


We got this at a stand along the 星光大道 (Avenue of Stars), in hindsight, we probably shouldn’t have got it there. We probably paid 4x the price for it…it was still yummy though.

I love this type of street food, the vendors usually have 2 display cases filled with different foods, and you pick what you want, and they mix it all in a bag for you. I got jellyfish and octopus in mine, the bf got bone marrow and pig ears in his.

Octopus & Jellyfish in a Bag

Curried whelk in a styrofoam cup:


魚蛋, 魚蛋, 魚蛋, there can never be enough 魚蛋!!

More Fish Balls, I ❤ 魚蛋

Here and there


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