[Dine-Out] Calgary: Wake Bistro

I love that brunch places are all over my area, breakfast = the most important meal of the day! Even when it’s eaten at 11:00 am~

Wake Bistro took over the old gelato space in Kensington. The decor is great, very homey feeling, I especially love the old school clock that hangs out right by the door. I love the small diner atmosphere, the places where the wait staff treat you like you’re family~

I, of course, got the Kensington’s Breakfast, I should really start branching out on my breakfast choices. But, eggs, bacon, and hash is just such a wonderful combo!! I love dipping my potatoes into the runny egg yolk. Wake does substitutions (yay!), I got more potatoes instead of toast. I don’t understand when places won’t let you do that…I would think potatoes are cheaper than bread. Hmmm…I feel like I’ve said this before, lol, am I repeating myself on here already?

The classic breakfast, of course

The bf got the Monte WAKE-O~! It comes with 2 free-range eggs, country-style ham, double-smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese all stuffed between 2 pieces of thick-cut french toast, and it also comes with hash browns. This was right up the bf’s alley, lots of meat and lots of food.

I'm getting hungry just looking at this

As you can tell from the pictures, the potatoes were a bit on the dark side. I don’t know, maybe they were using old oil or something, but you really couldn’t taste it, maybe they just left it in the fryer for too long? Or…actually…I don’t know…I think they cook it on their grill…then the oil thing wouldn’t make sense. Maybe that’s just how their potatoes are, nevertheless, they were dee-lic-ious.

207 10th Street Northwest
Calgary, AB T2N 1V5
(403) 264-4425

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  1. I’m getting hungry just looking at this too 🙂

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