[Homemade] Insalata Caprese

I was having a giant hankering for a caprese salad last week. So instead of going out and spending $15.00+ on a salad, I decided to make my own instead!

The hardest part was trying to find Buffalo Mozzarella in Calgary. I asked around at Calgary Co-op, Community Natural Foods & Sunterra, no one seemed to even know what it was! Then after wandering around Sunterra several times, I came across their Antipasto Bar and found Bocconcini. Close enough right? Bocconcini these days are usually made from a combination of water buffalo and cow’s milk, instead of just water buffalo’s milk.

Craving = 0, Me = 1

I just made it using a very simple recipe, there are dozens online, but you really don’t need anything too fancy. I think the beauty of this dish is its simplicity. I sliced the tomatoes and cheese into semi-thin slices, and then layered the basil, cheese, and tomato alternately. Drizzled some olive oil & balsamic vinegarover top, and voilà~!





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