[Quick Bites] Calgary: Jelly Modern Doughnuts

I heard about this new contemporary bakery over on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and I made a mental note to go visit as soon as possible. Two weeks later, it was my mom’s birthday, which made it the perfect time to go! Mommy dearest loves doughnuts, and I thought it’d be a cute alternative to a birthday cake~

Sooo, on Sunday I drove around trying to find it, but I couldn’t spot it in my car, so I parked and decided to hunt for it on foot. I have no idea why I didn’t see the store front – it’s bright pink -____-“, major fail. I got there at around 9 AM, so everything was super fresh, and there were new batches coming out of the kitchen as I hummed and hawed, trying to decide what flavours I wanted to try.

Cute box~

I decided to get mostly mini ones ($1.95) instead of the regular size ones ($2.25). Even though there’s only $0.30 difference, I wanted to get a lot of flavours and didn’t want to look like a little piggy. I did end u getting one regular sized one though, and that was the weekend chef creation, Key Lime!

Key Lime!! I looove citrus flavoured foods~

The Key Lime was very good, it had a perfect balance of tart and sweet. Also, I’m a sucker for anything involving citrus, so thumbs up in my book.

I got 6 other doughnuts; 3 for the bf and I to try at home, and 3 to bring to my mom, aunt & grandma later that afternoon.

After endlessly looking at the menu on their website over the course of 2 weeks, I already knew we had to try the Maple Bacon:

om nom nom nom bacooon

This was…just a tad disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it was very good, but I wanted more of a bacon flavour. The bacon itself was very mild, almost no flavour, the only bacon-like attribute it had was that it was chewy. I wanted more of a contrast of the sweetness of the maple, and the salty smokiness of the bacon. Salty + Sweet = Winning. So, I liked it, but it had a very strong maple flavour, almost tooo sweet. I wouldn’t get this again I don’t think, it was almost a gimmicky flavour to get people in, but really doesn’t reach its potential for deliciousness.

Next up:


Mmmm…I love me some marshmallow. After the lack of marshmallow at Chokat, I knew I had to get this to make up for my lack of marshmallow intake. I love love loved this one!

The bf picked the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. I didn’t really like this one, first of all, I’m not a big fan of sprinkles, and second of it, it just tasted like a normal doughnut, no fun at all (sad face).

Sprinklesss~ So glad it didn't cover the whole doughnut

That was the last one I got to taste, the rest I give to my mom. They were too full to try them after our brunch at Sunterra, so they took it home to eat


Boy, they sure are pretty though.

Peanut Butter Cup


I’d like to point out that these are top-notch doughnuts. I usually don’t eat doughnuts because every time I’d have even one bite of Tim Horton‘s doughnuts, the roof of my mouth would start peeling. As we Chinese like to call it, doughnuts are a 熱氣食物, “hot foods” if you will. I’m not sure what it is with Timmy’s doughnuts, but I just can’t have them without feeling like poo after. But Jelly Modern doughnuts did no such thing to the roof of my mouth, AND I had 1-1/2 of them! The dough is absolutely scrumptious~!

That just means I can go back and get more now!!

Oh – also, I would like to state how happy I am that different type of dessert places are popping up in Calgary. When I saw Crepe Avenue pop up in Kensington I was worried that crepes might be the new “it” dessert, but I’m just glad that crepes aren’t the new cupcakes. Crepes are borrrrinnngggg~

100-1414 8 Street Southwest
Calgary, AB T2R 1J6
(403) 453-2053

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2 Responses

  1. I sure hope donuts are the new cupcake…. they’re so much more delicious!

    • Me too! They’re soooo much easier to eat as well~!

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