[Dine-Out] Calgary: Kangnam Station Izakaya

Kangnam Station Izakaya took over what used to be the Cappuccino Company. I really liked the Cappuccino company, it was owned by a really nice Korean couple; they had fantastic food that was fresh (homemade soup!) and inexpensive prices. Their lunch specials consisted of a massive sandwich (changed daily) and either a bowl of homemade soup (chicken noodle was the best – it was filled to the bream with veggies) or fries. The owner lady would make me wonton soup to go with my lunch combo even though it wasn’t on the menu!

I’ve never been to the Kangnam Station for lunch because their prices have gotten much higher. The same (I assume) sandwich & soup combo cost about $1.50 more now. But they do have more variety. They offer sushi rolls and lots of Korean style foods.

The bf and I did go to Kangnam for dinner one night though. We ordered two dishes to share:

Beef Stone Bowl

Spicy Seafood Stone Bowl

These stone bowls were good, came out nice and hot. The spices were nice. The seafood one had lots of squid~ I think these were both under $10.00 each, which is fairly cheap compared to the other Korean restaurants in the area (Don Day and Anju). Kangnam is good for a quick meal, the atmosphere is quite nice too. On any given day (or night) there’s always a big group of Koreans eating and drinking, and all in all, having a good time.

When we went, they were still pretty new…probably a week or two into business. They didn’t have all the kinks worked out yet. Our water came from this big jug that was kept outside (to keep cold I presume), and we had to ask several times to get our waters refilled (that seafood stone bowl was spicy!!). It was hard trying to get the owner’s (he was tending to the cash & bringing the food out to the tables) attention, I hope they have everything sorted out now!

I’m not dying to go back though, the food was good, but I’ve had better, it’s not going to be my first choice for a meal. The bf really liked it though, he was raving about the spices and how good everything tasted. Sometimes I think that boy’s food standards are too easy to please…

A-924 7 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2P 1A4
(403) 262-5445

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