[Quick Bites] Calgary: Calgary Farmers’ Market

The Calgary Farmers’ Market recently moved from the Currie Barracks to their new location just off of Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive. Their new location is quite nice, I really like the decor and atmosphere of the market. The stalls are easy to navigate, and there are plenty to see!

Our plan of attack was to visit all the stalls around the perimeter and then go zig-zagging through the inside stalls. We wanted to see what everyone had to offer before making our purchases~

The first vendor we hit was Simple Simon Pies. A co-worker’s daughter sells these pies once a year to raise money for their school, so I’ve had a few of Simon’s offerings. Although last year, I accidently ordered dinner entrées instead of the pies (sad face), but another co-worker was kind enough to let me try one of his pies. He had bought a whole slew of Chicken Curry Pies, and gave me one! Despite being on the wee size (4″), the pies are fantastic. The crust, the fillings, everything = yum. Instead of the individual 4″ pies, you can also choose to buy a 9″ dinner pie. I think I would stick with the wee baby ones because you get a much higher crust to filling ratio!

Yummy Mango Cheesecake Sample

I think this was a sample from Buttercream Bake Shoppe, I always back by their 17th location, and never really like what I see~


This was from the Sweetspot Donut Shop:


Doughnut sample~

I’m not sure what flavour this was. I have never been a big fan of doughnuts, sooo that was okay~ BUT – I really want to go try Jelly Modern Doughnuts, soooo many cool flavours. Definitely need to try the Maple Bacon and the Marshmallow~

Next up was Wild Fire Wings. They were giving out whole wings as samples (!), this was really good, it was tangy and spicy and cooked well. Too bad eating wings while trying to walk around is such a hassle, or else I would’ve definitely gotten these as my lunch. Their potato cakes were yummy too, a nice change of pace from fries.

Potato & Chicken Wing

I ended up just getting a croissant and a Tea Misto from Fratello Analog Cafe for my lunch. I wanted to get a croissant from Eclair de Lune, but they were out of their plain kinds, they only had almond encrusted ones left. Will have to try my luck again next visit.

Plain Croissant

Chai Tea Misto

The bf got a sandwich from Fresh DELIcious. He said it was really good, the meats were spicy, and the cheese really complemented it well. I had a slice of his pickles, they were really sour.

Spicy Sammich

Om nom nom

Lastly, I got some heirloom tomatoes from Gull Valley Greenhouses:


It was $7.00 for a little container, but it was sooo worth it. The tomatoes were sweet, juicy and succulent, and they were pesticides and herbicides free!! So good, I think I ate half the container on the drive home.

510 77 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB T2H 1C3
(403) 244-4548

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for stopping by Fratello Analog Cafe! We need to get signs for our pastry, because they are made for us by Eclair de Lune! See you again.

    • Hey! Awesome, I lucked out then!! Yum, croissants!

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