[Dine-In] Calgary: Galaxie Diner

Had breakfast at Galaxie Diner last weekend. This little diner is right next to Myhre’s Deli, I think the two restaurants are connected (they’re owned by the same guy). One time I had ordered a milkshake at Myhre’s Deli and they made it over at Galaxie. The decor at Galaxie, from the bright red wooden booths to the (unfortunately broken) jukeboxes,  is reminiscent of classic 1940s diners. Usually this place is jam-packed with hungry people lining up out the door for some quality breakfast foods, but we went quite early on this Saturday (think 9:30 am) and there was only one table there before us. It didn’t take long to fill up though, but the time our food arrived, 3 or 4 more groups had squeezed into the tiny diner to fill their bellies.

I read on their website that they use real butter, which is great!!! None of this margarine bullcrap~

Vanilla Malt

I got the vanilla malt milkshake. I’ve been craving a milkshake for weeks now, and this hit just the spot. The bf really liked it too, he kept sneaking sips from me. He thought all malt milkshakes tasted like the stuff you get from Wendy’s, so he was all “omg, this is soooo good. Nothing like the Wendy’s Frosty“. Hahaha, silly boy, how can he compare real milkshakes to fast food stuff?

Another great thing about Galaxie is that all their breakfast items come with unlimited toast and hashbrowns. This is a pretty safe perk for restaurants to offer, because very few people will want another rounds of those carbs. I got the traditional breakfast (as always) with three eggs (no additional cost!!), bacon, hashbrowns, and a croissant (instead of toast). I’m SO EXCITED that I can have a croissant instead of toast, I’ll definitely be coming back here just for that reason alone. I loveeeee croissants!!!

I love dipping my hashbrowns in the egg yolks, anyone else?!

Bf got the Benedict that was on special, I can’t recall what was in it though, I think it was some kind of sausage with mushrooms and salsa?

Special of the Day

So delicious and soooo satisfying.


1411 11 Street Southwest
Calgary, AB T2R 1G7
(403) 228-0001

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