[Dine-In] Calgary: The Big Cheese Poutinerie

Is it awful that I’m ecstatic that quite a few of the Nellie’s are shutting down? The one on fourth has been revamped as the Mission Diner, and one of the two on 17th has become The Big Cheese Poutinerie!! I think the one in Kensington has shut down too, but I’m not sure if something has replaced it yet. Good riddance I say, $60,000 fine for health code violations that has spanned 12 years?! Mouse droppings?! Shut them all down I say. Except for maybe the one in Mardaloop, apparently that one is independent and privately owned, and has nothing to do with Roxanne Taylor-King, the owner of the Nellie’s restaurants that were fined.

Anyways, back to The Big Cheese!

They have a super extensive menu that is broken down by the type of protein in each dish. You can choose from Chicken, Pork, Beef, or Vegetarian, or you can make your own. I’m not a vegetarian but I think it’s nice that the gravy in the vegetarian poutines are listed as vegetarian as well…no guess work!

I got a small Notorious P.I.G., it comes with Carolina pulled pork, double smoked bacon, and Italian sausage. I don’t really like pork, but I love love me some bacon & snossages. I wish I could’ve gotten roast beef instead of pulled pork, but to customize my own poutine would’ve costed…$3.99 (fries)…$0.75 (gravy)…$2.00 (roast beef)…$2.00 (Italian sausage)…$1.50 (double smoked bacon)…$1.50 (cheese curds)…sooooo $11.74…much more expensive then just ordering off the menu. But ooh, now that I look at the menu, I’m going to tell the bf they offer blue cheese!

Notorious P.I.G.

The bf got the Buffalo Chicken:

Needed additional slathering in Frank's~

The Buffalo Chicken has shaved grilled chicken breast tossed with Frank’s Red Hot and baby green peas.

We’ll definitely have to come back…I want to try the Peppercorn (shaved AAA Roast Beef, sautéed mushrooms, and green peppercorn gravy), the Cowtown (BBQ beef, sautéed mushroom, and caramelized onions), and the Shopsy’s (Shopsy’s dog with baby green peas). I wonder if they do free subs? Hmmm….anyone know?

738 17 avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2S 0B7 
(403) 457-2873

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