[Quick Bite] Calgary: Choklat

Choklat is one of two Chocolatiers in Canada that actually make their own chocolates.  Other chocolatiers, like Bernard Callebaut and Purdy’s, only buy bulk chocolate to use in their confections. When chocolatiers say that their chocolates are “made to their specification”, that only means that they control the percentage of ingredients that go into the recipe. Choklat claims that they have control over the variety of beans used, the country of origin (of the beans), the fermentation process, the transportation and handling, the roasting, the refining and final processing (of beans) into chocolate, and the quality of ingredients used. **This information is all from their website, so believe what you will with their claims!

Now, I personally don’t get what the hype is about with this place, but, again, I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate (GASP! :O). Maybe it didn’t wow me because I didn’t get to try the filling I wanted. I wanted a fresh marshmallow truffle filling, but they ran out of that (@ noon on Good Friday?! What the heck, it’s not even like it was super late in the day). They were also out of their shortbread cookies which I had wanted to try. The boasts that they have over 210 different truffle combinations (you get to choose your own truffle filling, the type of chocolate it’s dipped in, and what it is rolled in), well, that’s not true now if they’re out of a bunch of stuff all the time now, is it?

I ended up getting the cream cheese filling, dipped in milk chocolate, and rolled in crushed graham wafers.

Wrapped in Tin Foil

The Reveal~

Cream Cheese Innards

The filling was just cream cheese…I don’t know what I was expecting, but I expected…more…I could make a whole batch of these at home myself for like $10.00. Instead I paid $1.99 for one, I really wished they had marshmallow, maybe I would’ve been less disappointed…

The bf got the Hot Diggity filling, dipped in dark chocolate, and rolled in cinnamon. He really liked his, but then again, he loves all things chocolate. He said you could really taste the spiciness of the filling~


Spicy Innards

Choklat makes the truffles fresh when you ordered them, so that’s nice. It’s better than eating chocolates that have been sitting in display cases all day (like Godiva). You can also place your order online and go pick it up (or get it delivered), that way you won’t have to wait for them to be made. The online order form is here (doesn’t work in Safari though).

OH- PET PEEVE: When we were getting our chocolates, this guy came in and acted like he owned the place. After he placed his order of 12 truffles (which is only a $24.00 purchase BTW), he casually mentions that he will pay when he comes back. When the cashier told him that they couldn’t process the order without payment, he started freaking out and started saying how he does it all the time, and he knows the owner, and yaddy yaddy yah. The cashier told him that the owner wasn’t in this weekend, and that they were specifically told not to process orders without payment. At this point, he started walking out still muttering under his breath about how “he does this all the time”, and the cashier was still trying to be nice and offered to hold his order for him, but he just said “forget it” and left.

WHO DOES THAT?! Who cares if you know the owner? HE’S NOT FREAKING THERE, way to make it difficult for his staff. I hate people who thinks they’re owed something. Please, take that stick out of your ass, and try to pretend to be a decent human being, KTHX.

1327A 9th Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB T2G 0T2
(403) 457-1419

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8 Responses

  1. […] One of the stop the bf and I hit was Cookie Mama in Inglewood. We also got some treats at Choklat (post later), and we were going to have lunch at Spolumbo’s but they weren’t open – so we […]

  2. Hi KTHX.

    My name is Brad Churchill and I AM the owner of Choklat. I’m sorry you weren’t happy with your truffle center. You are right. The cream cheese center IS almost all cream cheese. That’s why it’s called cream cheese, and not cheese cake. (I know this sounds like me being a smart alek but I couldn’t help point out the obvious).

    With regard to some of our truffle centers being out of stock, yes that DOES happen. We’re not a mass production facility, and Easter weekend is one of the busiest of the year. We are guaranteed to run out of things. Marshmallow is a real hit-and-miss item for us. Sometimes we sell lots, and other times I discard a lot of marshmallows. I know of cupcake shops in Calgary that completely close HOURS before their hours of operation dictate, because they run out of everything. At least we don’t do that!

    I want to thank you for voicing your pet peeve. It really brightened my day! First of all, I’m glad Charmaine handled the situation in the manner she did. People who know me also know AND RESPECT our policies with regard to payment up front before we start making their orders. Not a single one of my friends would have walked through our doors and acted like that or treated one of my staff like that. I have a firm policy that everyone is treated fairly and the same way. This way nobody can claim preferential treatment.

    In closing, I would like to invite you back to try one of our handmade marshmallow truffle centers. Today is April 27th 2011, and tomorrow morning I will be cutting some fresh. They will be available all weekend. It will be my treat to you for making me chuckle this evening.

    Brad Churchill

    • Hi Brad,

      Thanks for your comments. I was simply voicing my opinions in regards to the cream cheese filling and my disappointment that the item I wanted to try was out. I understanding that companies DO run out of stuff, I was just sad that I couldn’t try the marshmallow!
      In regards to your invitation, thank you kindly for your offer, but I do not make it down to Inglewood often. The next time I do though, I’ll for sure stop by and hopefully I’ll be able to try the marshmallow centres. I also still want to try your shortbread cookies!! I ❤ shortbread~

  3. Knowing that I love chocolate, my friend had 2 Porcelana bars brought back to Ottawa for me for Christmas. They were only available for a short time, so I felt lucky! It had a very smooth and fruity taste! I hope I get to Calgary to visit the store some time.

    • You should definitely come out to Calgary soon! We’re getting lots of new & innovative eateries around town~

      I think it’s great that Calgary houses one of the two Chocolatiers in Canada that actually make their own chocolates!

  4. I was disappointed with the cream cheese filling as well – the cashier did warn me that it wasn’t going to be cheesecake (in reference to Brad’s comment above) but I felt the same as you – I just expected something different, though I’m not sure what. LOL I haven’t heard a lot of hype from my friends about Choklat (I know a LOT of chocolate lovers) so I’m interested to find out what some of them think about this place too.


  5. […] love me some marshmallow. After the lack of marshmallow at Chokat, I knew I had to get this to make up for my lack of marshmallow intake. I love love loved this […]

  6. I was excited to go, I don’t regret it, but it’s not my fav chocolate!

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