[Quick Bite] Calgary: Cookie Mama Inc.

Mmmm…I love long weekends! It gives me a good excuse to stuff my face with lots of goodies! One of the stop the bf and I hit was Cookie Mama in Inglewood. We also got some treats at Choklat (post later), and we were going to have lunch at Spolumbo’s but they weren’t open – so we tried out the new poutinerie on 17th (again – post later).

Cookie Mama is great because they offer gluten-free options! I’m not Celiac or anything, but I’m trying to limit my intake of wheat and gluten, sooooo thumbs up for me!

I got the ‘Fame’ cookie, which was gluten-free and had caramel & chocolate in it…I think. I thought they would have a list of their cookies up on their website, so I didn’t bother remembering what was in it, but it turns out that the one I got isn’t listed… -____-” (major fail).

FAME...I'm gonna to live forever...I'm gonna learn how to fly...

The size of this particular cookie was quite big, but their cookies aren’t uniformed (ah, homemade goodness), so I lucked out! Mmm…this cookies was super good, I wish I could’ve had more. I was trying to be reasonable though, since I was hitting up a chocolate store and a poutinerie after…

The bf got the ‘La Vida Mocha‘ cookie – it’s a dark chocolate cookie with cranberries, toasted almonds and a hint of coffee.

Bahahaha, my cookie was bigger WIN!

The bf really liked his, he said that you could really taste the fruity flavour of the cranberry through all the chocolate goodness.

1420 9 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB T2G 0T5
(403) 266-5431

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