[Take-Out] Calgary: Myhre’s Deli

Had a late lunch yesterday, for some reason Dim Sum with my dad yesterday morning made me extremely full. I didn’t eat this as “lunch” until 3:00 pm. I did have a Starbuck’s Lemon Cranberry Scone (dry, as always, Starbuck’s pastries are mediocre at best) as a snack though.

We were driving to Blockbuster so the bf could rent Red Dead, and I saw this sign on the sidewalk:

Special?! Must Get!

Hmm…we have both been saying how we wanted to go back to Myhre’s Deli again, so…smoked meat sandwiches for lunch it is! The $7.00 Special consists of a 7 ounce smoked meat sandwich and 1 side. This is one heck of a deal if you consider that a 6 ounce sandwich with 3 sides is $10.00. The sides aren’t all that big, so it’s not like you’re missing out a lot of food. The 3 sides you would normally get are half a pickle, coleslaw, and chips. Since we were getting take-out to eat a home, and we have chips at home, I got the pickle as a side, and the bf got the coleslaw.

Cute take-out boxes

I love this type of box for take-out instead of the normal styrofoam stuff. A+ for cuteness~

I got my mustard (grainy) in the side because I’m still learning to like mustard, thank you CHARCUT!



Little cup of coleslaw

The coleslaw and the chips come in a little cup that fits in my hand (and I have small hands), so you’re not really missing out on the 1 side. If you would have gotten chips, you’d probably get like 8 chips max.

This is a great special and everyone should go get it!!! Now!!

1411 11 St Southwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 244-6602

Myhre's Deli on Urbanspoon


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  1. […] breakfast at Galaxie Diner last weekend. This little diner is right next to Myhre’s Deli, I think the two restaurants are connected (they’re owned by the same guy). One time I had […]

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