[Take-Out] Calgary: Ichi Rock [ra:ku]

Ichi Rock [ra:ku] is a Japanese & Izakaya restaurant that just recently opened in the west-end of Downtown. I have been waiting for this restaurant to open for months now. I remember being really excited when they started to put up the signage. I would peek in and see how far along their renovations were. There’s only one other sushi place in this area, and it’s right close to my house, so it’s nice to have some variety. There used to be another sushi place in the same building, but I think it closed down…8th Street Sushi Cafe? Good riddance anyways, that place looked really really dingy. The number one thing I wouldn’t eat from a dingy looking place would be: raw fish.

I had to work late, so that means I can expense this meal, which is perfect because sushi can be a tad on the expensive side. I just ordered some sushi off their sushi list, but they have a killer izakaya section that I for sure have to check out another night.

I ordered 2 pieces of salmon sashimi [$4.00], 2 pieces of tuna salmon [$4.25], 2 pieces of Tamago sushi [$3.75], 2 pieces of Saba sushi [$4.75] and a Negitoro Roll [$4.50].

Around $22.00 with GST, worth it?

It was good…not super fresh or anything, but very good. The sashimi slices were nice and thick, and no bones in the salmon, so that’s a plus. I’m disappointed that the mackerel didn’t have ginger on it, but at least it had green onions. I also liked that the ginger wasn’t that artificially dyed pink stuff.

I will most definitely go back to try their izakaya.

ICHI ROCK [ra:ku]
923 6 Ave Southwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 453-0852

Ichi rock (raku) on Urbanspoon


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