[Dine-Out] Calgary: Anju

I’ve been to Anju three or four times now. The first time I went there was a looong time ago, their menu was different back then; it was separated into categories based on price, five, ten, fifteen, etc. And another time I just went for drinks.

Anyways, on to try out their new(ish) menu!

We started out with the Crispy Tofu with Sautéed Kimchi. I’m trying to avoid eating soy and soy products, so I only had half of one. The bf had to polish off the rest. I had to order it because it was on special that night! I think it was…$5.00… instead of the normal $8.00. Ha, the Asian in me just had to get it, I couldn’t pass up such a good deal~


The bf liked it, but he pretty much likes anything that we can dunk into a mayonnaise based sauce, in this case, it was a citrus aioli. From the half a bite I had, I found the exterior to be too hard – it didn’t have a nice crispy texture, it tasted like it sat out for too long and it got tough to chew. The tofu on the inside wasn’t that much better either. They used firm tofu instead of the silky soft ones, so the texture was really rough, and it made it quite hard to swallow. I definitely wouldn’t order it at the regular price.

The bf ordered the Bibimbap (stone rice bowl) for his main. We’ve definitely had better bibimbap at other Korean restaurants, but this one wasn’t bad. You have a choice of the protein you want in it, which is nice. The choices are: chicken of tofu ($15.00), salmon, AAA striploin, tiger prawns or BBQ eel ($17.00), and additional masago for $2.00 more. The bf wanted the eel with masago, but the server was new and left out the masago. It came with a kimchi garlic hot sauce on the side, which the bf loved since he looooveeesss spicy food.


Soooo delicious, thinking about this dish makes my mouth water

I got the Claypot Chicken Wings, it’s not on the menu anymore, but apparently, if you ask nicely they might still make it for you (thank god for Twitter)! The sauce was the best thing ever, mmm…writing this post makes me want to eat it right now. I remember I was also pleasantly surprised by how many chicken wings were in the bowl, like 12+. The side that was supposed to come with it was fingerling potatoes, as you can tell in the photo above, they brought out rice instead. The server later on brought me the potatoes and even let me keep the rice! The extra rice was perfect with the leftovers as a lunch for the next day.

BTW, if you go to Anju, you have to have their fingerling potatoes, they’re dellliicciousss!! Those potatoes are the most perfect potatoes I have ever eaten. They are nice and crispy on the outside, and soft and squishy on the inside, AND they have the most wonderful seasoning on them! Can you tell I love potatoes?

The dessert was also amazing, we got the Roasted Asian Pear Pie with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream to share:

I love pie!

The fifteen minutes wait was well worth it. The mint was the perfect accompaniment to the warm rustic pie and the cold creamy ice-cream. I’m not sure if Chef Rebekah Pearse (formerly the owner & chef of Nectar Desserts) was acting as pastry chef yet on my visit, but I will have to for sure go back to try her dessert creations. I remember when I first found out Nectar was closing, I was nearly in tears because I realized I could never have their scones ever again. It was a sad, sad day, I still dream about those scones…

507 10 Street Southwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 532-9419

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  1. Simply great food presented well, enjoy with friends. The room is romanticaly quaint and child friendly. This is truely a Calgary jem, some of the Chef creations include; pork belly sliders, korean short ribs, lemon grass rice bowl and the most amazing oxtail raviolli. Enjoy with soju.

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