[Dine-Out] Macau: 喜粵 (Canton)

During our trip to Hong Kong, My 伯伯 (dad’s older brother) and 大姑姐 (dad’s younger sister, but not the youngest) went with the bf and I for a day trip to Macau. Macau is about an hour’s boat ride away from Hong Kong. I don’t quite remember how much the tickets costed, but you can get cheaper tickets if you show up at the terminal a couple hours early and check the travel agencies to see if they have any last-minute tickets. Since the tickets are for a certain time, and after that time the tickets are pretty much worthless, the travel agencies will sell it to you for less if they don’t think they can sell it. Getting a little money is better than getting no money, right?

Once you arrive in Macau, you’ll need to go through immigration. It’s really fast for Hong Kong Citizens with their HKID because everything is digitalized and there are almost alway no lines. You just stick your HKID in the terminal, let it scan you finger, and you’re good to go. We had to wait anyways because bf had to go through with his Canadian passport…that probably took 20-25 minutes~

伯伯 decided that we would have a light lunch at 喜粵 (Canton) in the Venetian. Which, in hindsight, we shouldn’t have done. There are much better restaurants in the core of Macau, and they are probably much cheaper too. That’s not to say that  喜粵 isn’t good, because I’m sure it is, but for Dim Sum? There are probably 20+ better restaurants outside of the casino. So I would recommend trying out little hole-in-the-walls rather than a big fancy restaurant inside a brand name casino.

Anywaaays, the decor is very nice, but I guess you’re paying for that:

Booth that we didn't get to sit in

Of course, Dim Sum isn’t Dim Sum without a basket of  燒賣 (Sui Mai):

Dim Sum Staple: 燒賣

This was so-so, I’ve definitely had better. Next, we got some dumplings. These were mediocre – nothing special about them. I don’t get why they plated it on such a huge plate, did they want to make me feel like their food was not worth the exorbitant amount they charged? If so, than congratulations, they succeeded.


Mini Spring Rolls

These were interesting, they were little mini 春捲. They weren’t especially good or anything, but I like new takes on food I’m familiar with. The outside crispy layer reminds me of 蛋卷.

Deep Fried Milk Custard

Now these, these were really good. They were little square sticks of milk custard deep fried. It was all hard and crispy on the outside and all melty and creamy on the inside…delicious. The little plate on the side is condensed milk that you dip the deep fried custard in, it makes it extra creamy and extra delicious. Also, it was nice to see some fruit on the plate~

And lastly, we got a plate of Dry Scallop and Egg White Fried Rice. This was okay, it wasn’t 太油 (too oily), so it’s good in my books. Small portions though, look at the rice to plate ratio, tsk tsk.


Final Verdict? 喜粵 was okay, but I definitely wouldn’t pay to eat here again. When in Asia, it’s usually better to eat at the many small family restaurants littered along the streets. The food is often tastier, cheaper and more authentic!

喜粵 (Canton)
Shop 1018 (Next to North on the casino floor)
The Venetian
Est Da Baia De N Senhora Cotai
(853) 2882 8888


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