[Quick Bite] Quebec: BeaverTail

When we were in Quebec, the bf tried a BeaverTail. According to their website, a BeaverTail (Queues de Castor en français) is a “unique whole-wheat pastry that are stretched to the shape of a beaver’s tail and float cooked on canola or soya oil” and then it’s topped with butter and whichever toppings you want.

Basically, it’s a flat doughnut laden with high calorie toppings. I had no interest in this as I’m not a big fan of doughnuts in general. But the bf wanted to try it, hey, when in Quebec, right? The different toppings available are Cinnamon and Sugar, Killaloe Sunrise (a sugar and lemon combo which they market as breakfast food…really?), Chocolate Hazelnut (pretty much means they smother it in Nutella), Maple Butter (decidedly Canadian), Apple Cinnamon, Banana Chocolate, Coco Vanil’ (coconut & vanilla), Triple Trip (peanut  butter & chocolate, I’m not sure what the “triple” in the name is referring to), and Avalanche (cream cheese, Skor & chocolate).

Cinnamon Apple

Our BeaverTail definitely did not look like the one they show on their website, theirs have five whole slices of apple on it – and as you can clearly see in the picture – ours did not. The bf liked it, but what’s not to like about a sugary piece of deep fried dough?

Various Locations


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  1. Oh man, whoever was working that day sold you short. That is the smallest beaver tail I have ever seen…

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