[Dine-Out] Calgary: Bistro 2210

Bistro 2210 is by far one of my favorite places for brunch in Calgary. They used to have this delicious Pear Pain Perdu but it’s not on the menu anymore. I loove it so much –3–” I wish they would make it a regular on their menu…

They also no longer have any form of Pain Perdu on their regular brunch menu anymore, but Bistro 2210 did say they have a pastry chef now (!) so it might show up more often~ Yay!!

The last time the bf and I went there for brunch they had a Chocolate Pain Perdu, which is what I ordered – even though I’m not a big fan of chocolate – JUST because I love their Pain Perdu so much.


I like places where they throw in savory food with the sweet stuff. It’s just waaay too much sugar to have in the morning, you’ve got to counter it with some salty goodness (in the form of bacon!). The Pain Perdu was stuffed with chocolate sauce & bananas (if I recall correctly), and topped with some sort of custard. It was heaven in my belly! It also came with some potatoes (hiding under the bacon), and your choice of bacon, back bacon or sausage (I almost always choose bacon).

The bf got the West Coast Benedict. You can see his arm crossed in the picture because he was grumpy that he couldn’t eat yet, bahaha, I had to take a picture first!

West Cooooasttt

It was only $14.00, which I think is very reasonable. In most other places they charge an arm and a leg for anything with smoked salmon. It also had asparagus – nice! He really liked this dish, I never get Benedicts though because I’m not a big fan of smothering my food in hollandaise sauce.

I love love love Bistro 2210. I always want to go for dinner during the weekday there to try their specials, they have $10 Moules Frites on Wednesdays! But we never make it down to fourth on weekdays…booo…

2210 4 Street Southwest
Calgary, AB T2S 1W9
(403) 228-4528

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