[Homemade] No Cream-Cheese Cheesecake

Again, I have no idea where the recipe I used is, it’s floating around the internet somewhere. Anyways, this is a relatively healthy (well – healthier) cheesecake! It has no cream cheese & only a quarter cup of sugar in it!

I really like the taste of this cheesecake, it only uses sour cream & cottage cheese, but it still has a very creamy texture. I used sour cream from Costco this time, and I don’t really like that stuff…it had some sort of weird texture. I think I’ll use Diaryland (or something along those lines) sour cream next time.

I had to double the recipe because I made 12 mini cheesecakes with a muffin tin, and then a big one with a springform pan. The one recipe filled up the muffin tin, and about 1/3 of the pan, so had to whip it another.

I think I might’ve put too much butter in the crust because even though I wrapped the springform in 2 layers of tin foil, my crust was still soggy. Soggy crust = gross

No Giant Crack~ Yaaayy!

I squirted some honey on top of the mini ones so I could stick blueberries on them!


Giant Blueberries

I still have a couple slices frozen in the freezer, they actually taste really good frozen too! I’m totally going to remember to eat one this weekend~


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