[Dine-Out] Calgary: Catch Oyster Bar

Catch is probably one of my favourite restaurants in Calgary, it definitely is in the “affordable” category. Well, affordable like a nice sit-down restaurant affordable, not like McDonald’s affordable. I would definitely choose it over going to Moxie’s or Milestones or any one of those chain restaurants. You get a much better meals in a much better environment than those chain restaurants.

I got the Wild BC Ling Cod Fish & Chips, for $17.00 it’s one of the more affordable entrées on their dinner menu. I think it’s pretty good value too, it comes with a big plate of House Cut Fries and a Grilled Lemon. The grilled lemon squeezed on top of the fish and chips is so good, it’s much better than an un-grilled lemon. It shows more thought was put into the dish as well! The tartare sauce that comes with the dish is great too, and don’t by too shy to ask for more if you use all yours up – the server is more than happy to bring you a second helping of the sauce!

Giant Plate of Fries

The bf got the Snake River Kobe Beef Burger, it comes with caramelized onions, Sriracha mayo, smoked bacon, and cheddar. It also came with a big serving of their House Cut Fries. By the time we were done, we were both so stuffed with their fries. They were nice and crispy, and we had that tartare sauce to dip it in! The bf loves mayonnaise sauce for his fries so he polished everything off. In hindsight, he should’ve probably gotten a salad instead of fries, and we could’ve shared~

Kobe Beef Burger

I love coming to Catch, I can’t wait until the summer when they have their patio opened. I wanted to try their Chilled Seafood Towers (so expensive >___<“)

100 8 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB
(403) 206-0000

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  2. […] decided to go to the Catch Restaurant, it’s on top of the oyster bar, and it serves more refined food. Like the oyster bar, the Catch Restaurant has an open kitchen so […]

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